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Genius Consultancy provides an excellent framework for managing organisational change and create the perfect focus on your human resources.

When your organisation is growing and you are looking for ways to get more control over your personnel, you might be ready for change.

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Performance Management

Today’s rapidly changing business environment forces organisations to be concerned about competition. Besides quality of products, services and efficiency, gaining the cooperation and active involvement of employees is critical to success. Providing employees with a clear sense of how their activities and assignments are connected with the organisation's missions and goals focuses such an involvement. The role of the management is to provide direction and feedback to accomplish these intentions, and Performance Management is the mechanism by which it all happens.

Performance Management is generally considered as a part of a Managing by Objectives system. Within an MBO-framework the process of Performance Management relates to the management of individuals. It starts with the assignment of individual objectives all the way through to the final and formal appraisal procedure.

For nearly all organisations employees are the most expensive resource. Managing their performance ensures that the human resources are effectively contributing to the success of the company. This is a serious reason to consider the development of a Performance Management system, as it can:

  • Improve management control over work and results, and increase the ability to anticipate problems early.
  • Facilitate the information flow in the organisation and ensure understanding of expectations about results, facilitating all employees to tie their individual performance goals to the organisational objectives.
  • Create a sense of contribution to motivate employees by allowing them input into, and ownership of, their objectives and standards of performance.
  • Generate a structured, recurrent performance review system to provide objective criteria that management can use to make decisions regarding pay scale, and promotion.

There are many reasons to choose for Performance Management. Being able to respond to your market position is evident: competition and consumer’s needs. This is a serious motive in times where (small) differences in quality turn into the critical edge for success.

Genius Consultancy can assist you in your organisational change. In the process of restructuring the organisation or retraining employees, our expert attention will help you develop the quality and output of your workforce. Steps that we will go through are:

  • Work planning and goal setting
  • Monitoring performance
  • Periodical rating of performance
  • Function grading
  • Development of performance capacity
  • Remuneration for performance

Quality Assessment & Performance Development

Genius Consultancy has a wide-ranging experience with the Assessment Centre method including aptitude tests and simulations. Over the past four years many organisations experienced the benefit of employing the right staff by utilising this selection technique.

We have combined the experience of measuring performance capability with our competence development techniques. This has become the basis for our new service: “Quality Assessment and Performance Development”. This instrument has proven to be most valuable for organisations in the midst of change while facing serious implications for their personnel.

The assessments applied in the QA&PD are a combination of staff screening, identification of internal talent, and they involve crosscutting desired levels of competence. All elements of the programme will be aligned with the corporate standards of company.

Like any other assessment method the QA&PD is constructed with sets of integrated, practical and job-focussing exercises. Besides these exercises aptitude and personal competence surveys are used, to understand and value the potential of the workforce, on individual base and in the setting of teams.

While an Assessment Centre can be used for recruitment and selection, the QA&PD is applied for promotion, classification of rank, function or scale. It provides input for function grading; development needs analysis, composition of tailor made training schemes and management & leadership style identification. The results from the QA&PD may also be used for personnel development plans and validity checks of result-agreements.

The objective of QA&PD is to obtain a comprehensive analysis of each individual’s competence, in the context of function-profile and related to development potential. The programme can be compared with periodical reviewing and appraisals.

The information drawn together in a report for each individual with an aggregated advice will benefit your organisation in the following:

  • ‘Fresh’ view on own workforce
  • Knowing the connection between staff and corporate mission
  • Reality check of potential and positions taken
  • Input for staff reorganisation

Team Building

Many organisations have tried to focus on teams.

Self-managed teams offer the potential for downsizing organisations and the prospect of improving productivity. Teams are not only powerful performance tools for organisations; they also give individuals effective vehicles for their own personal and professional learning and development. Team members are called on to achieve personal growth, in order to provide the team with all competencies that are needed to complete a task.

In teams, people function in two different ways:

  • Their specific, technical or functional role based on their own expertise or discipline
  • A team-role that fits with their own personality

A team is motivated to work together to achieve a certain result. This result is significantly greater than each of the individual results. A team has its own work culture, in which all the members are accountable. The members of a team develop the mix of skills, which are needed to perform their task. To be a successful team including all skills at the onset is not necessary; effective teams will develop those as people work together. Pre-condition is that the team has the functional and technical backgrounds, knowledge, expertise needed to operate creatively. The skills of individuals are complimentary to each other and can improve.

Through analysis of individual and team competencies Genius Consultancy can map the ‘team condition’ and offer many strategies for team success that cater for any size team from three people through to entire organisations. Recognising good teams and making good teams into even better ones, is the ultimate challenge in teambuilding. Combined with teambuilding assignments we can design customised workshops to suit your organisation's specific needs.

Genius Consultancy specialises in assisting newly formed teams and helps to revitalise established teams. We help teams to understand the stages of team development and to track their own progress. Our skilled facilitators can provide leadership training and development and are especially skilled in coaching teams for success.

Management Development

Management quality assessment and development planning

For the development of managers and evaluations about internal career opportunities, companies need a method to assess managerial qualities. Our assessment method supports your decision-making about promotion and/or internal career development. We assess at four levels as described on the chart on the right.

Genius Consultancy uses several test methodologies in the assessment of quality and performance potential. These four levels that companies envisage when developing management, demand different instruments and test applications. These are available from Genius Consultancy assessment centre library or will be tailor-made. Basically we assess behaviour, job capability, functional competencies and development potential. Depending on the level and complexity of the function the member of staff is facing, we apply performance simulations. The programme is a combination of selection, coaching and training and each component will be balanced to individual needs and will be in line with the corporate standards. Development planning and training decisions should be made at an individual level where Genius Consultancy can support with training facilities.