Human Resource Consulting Services in Tanzania

Genius Consultancy provides Human Resource (HR) Consulting for HRM Audit, Development Competence Management, Design & Planning of HRD, Salary Surveys and Outplacement.

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  2. Development Competence Management
  3. Design & Planning of HRD
  4. Salary Surveys
  5. Outplacement

HRM Audit

Comprehensive HRM audits review and analyse the following aspects:

  • understand the Organisation directions
  • project the Organisation needs
  • assess existing Human Resources System practices
  • prepare the Blue Print for the coming years

Having good products and effective & efficient strategies and operations, are essential these days to compete. A company will have none of these, unless it can build, release, and focus the energy and talents of its people. Good Human Resources Management calls for appropriate strategy, plans and action programs that are periodically assessed, analysed and updated. Our HRM Audit services aim to provide customers with objective, reliable and accurate assessments on:

  • Effectiveness of HR related strategy, plans, programs and budget
  • Organisation structure and HR composition, quantity and quality
  • Job descriptions, jobholder specifications, job performance standards
  • Appropriateness of workforce composition and quantities
  • Job grading and compensation & benefits
  • Employees' needs, wants, expectations, perceptions and satisfaction
  • Induction and training & development
  • Performance management and career & succession planning
  • Recruitment and selection
  • HR information system
  • HR related policies, systems, rules, regulations and procedures
  • Compliance with government laws, rules and regulations
  • Organisation culture

The HRM audit is a comprehensive review that can be done in approximately one week and results in a report, stating recommendations for the courses of action to be taken. Genius Consultancy can also assist you in the required follow-up.

Development Competence Management

Developing Competency Management is the next step in your Performance Management system. Competency Management will unlock the potential of your workforce and will renew your company! Once you are working with competencies you will experience the ultimate control over performance results and staff development.

Competencies are the origin and reservoir of human behaviour. Every employee has a unique mixture of competencies that enable her or him to perform at certain levels of proficiency. To identify the competencies that are needed to perform in a given job is a difficult and time-consuming effort. Several approaches are possible to build and introduce competencies, depending on type of your organisation, your strategies and your HR objectives. Once you have clarified your strategic directions you’re ready to build a competency-based system that will strengthen and support your company into the future.

Genius Consultancy is specialised in all features of competency management and understands the issues that can assist your organisation to further develop and motivate your workforce. After an initial consultation, our consultants undertake a situational analysis to determine the most effective development strategy. We will then guide your organisation through the process of implementation ensuring positive results for all. You can expect enhanced corporate effectiveness and an empowered workforce.

Design & Planning of HRD

Training and development of employees is an issue that has to be faced by every organisation. The amount and quality of training carried out, varies enormously from one organisation to another. Many organisations meet their needs for training in an ad hoc and haphazard way. Training in these organisations is more or less unplanned and unsystematic. Other organisations set about identifying their training needs, then design training activities in a rational manner, and finally assess the results of training. Such organisations are engaging in a systematic approach to the training and development of their employees.

The advantages to organisations adopting a systematic approach on training are clear. Generally, the benefits of a well-trained workforce are that the organisation will turn out high standard goods or services, in a more cost effective manner than others. Therefore they have a better chance of achieving organisational goals, whether they are profit oriented or service oriented.

Genius Consultancy can assist you in setting up a training needs survey and designing your HR development plan. This will include a training policy statement that set out what the organisation will provide in developing its employees.

Salary Surveys

On appointment our consultant will analyse your objectives and specify the costs for Genius Consultancy to develop and carry out your salary survey.


In the outplacement process we help people to make the right career choices for the future. We enable people to look more specifically for the kind of jobs that will suit their work preferences. Changing careers or being made redundant can be very stressful for most people. The offer of an outplacement service minimises stress and anxiety for the exiting employee.

Group or individual outplacement counselling options are available and may include assistance with résumé preparation, interview skills, coaching and job applications. We offer a range of career assessments to determine the best career options, with counselling tailored to suit your company's budget.